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Richie Agarwal, Founder, explains what RA Consulting offers to the business community.
Building Business Inch by Inch – is exactly what is required to take it to the next level. Slowly implementing processes, taking care of your operations, Planning and execution of business strategies will help take you to next level of growth ladder.

Understanding your business challenges and bringing out ways to solve them, RAC helps you and your team to get back on the growth trajectory.

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Top 10 Startup Mistakes-OR NOT ? A Contrarian View

Top 10 Startup Mistakes

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Patience is a virtue less known these days and I want results overnight if not in a fortnight. This makes me do things, take decisions which may not be wise in the least. But I none the less, give my best !

#1 Building something nobody wants – It is all well known to me as an intelligent human. I think of an idea, fall in love with it and want to take it to the world. Is it not imperative that I Love MY Idea, whether or not others believe in it ? How would another know whether my idea would work or not ? How can a research talk about something which has not been done before ? Then how can a third party give views on what I believe in?

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Inclusion of Women in Workforce

Being in a patriarchal society, it has been always challenging for women to come out of the guilt that they are not giving enough time to the family, yet they want to do something professionally and achieve their dreams. #RAConsulting works with women entrepreneurs to identify pathways to achieve their dreams in this extremely commercial world. We help in identifying their road to success and ways to achieve it.

This month’s Startup Grind was witness to a Question Answer session with the Founder Director of India’s first exclusive computerised proficient stage and magazine for ladies – WOMAN AT WORK (WAW) (womanatwork.in). Poornima’ s vision is to make Woman at Work THE GO TO place for all that a lady needs to proceed or come back to the profitable workforce; as a worker or a business visionary.

To see the interview visit Startup Grind youtube channel Here.

Collaboration is in the air !!

RAC collaborated with the Startup Grind Pune as Supporting partners for the event which is held every month. Startup Grind is a global startup community designed to educate, inspire, and connect entrepreneurs. Each monthly event, hosted in over 200 cities and 100 countries, features a successful local founder, innovator, educator, or investor who shares their story and the lessons they learned on the road to building a great company. These events provide networking opportunities with amazing startups and local entrepreneurs, and give entrepreneurs inspiration for the startup journey ahead. Google for Entrepreneurs is powering Startup Grind as they grow their reach internationally and using Google tools to connect local chapters.

Every Meeting hereon, we shall see the link to the event video and a summary as well !