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Building Business Inch by Inch

It takes a lot of sweat and blood to build a business. While facing a hard day at work, we often think, what if there was someone to guide and mentor to overcome these challenges and help take the business to the next level. At RA Consulting, we do exactly that.


We collaborate with SMBs – Small and Medium Businesses – facilitate to analyze and focus on most important business challenges. Being equally passionate about your business, we help you realize your business idea by identifying the road blocks and helping remove them.

We Achieve this by identifying the growth deterrents and suggesting tailor made bespoke strategies that define growth opportunities. Then by charting out plans for Marketing and Operations which include Branding, Advertising, Process Implementation, Digital Marketing, we ensure the growth of the business.

We work with Start-Ups to understand their challenges and mentor them. We design research to check what is being built will be acceptable in the market. Go To Market strategy for launching – soft / hard are made and implemented depending on the needs of the product.

The entire team at RA Consulting has vast experience in Business Strategy Development, Marketing & Sales, Change Management, Legal Compliances & Process Implementation. These skills are put to work to help you establish a business and make it grow. From inception to completing business compliances, process implementation & execution on a day to day basis for the entire lifecycle, we act as catalysts in the business process, thus making businesses achieve their goals. 


About the Founder


Richie AgarwalRichie Agarwal, Founder & Principal Consultant

Richie is a dynamic professional with a decade and a half of rich and valuable experience in Consulting, Strategic Management, Product Management, Business Development, Sales & Marketing & Digital Marketing. With a Proven track record in managing business, strategising growth plans Richie consults companies to bring about growth and expansion of business either from inception or midway.
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Meet The Team

Sanjay Mane

Sanjay Mane, Sr. Consultant – Market Research

Sanjay has a quarter century experience in Market Research. Having traveled extensively in India, Indonesia, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Japan, China, Hong Kong, South Korea, Philippines, Vietnam, Taiwan, Malaysia, and Singapore, he has visited more than 9,000 companies and 600 towns/cities in India and abroad.



Gaurav Doshi

Gaurav Doshi, Sr. Consultant – Branding

With more than a decade in Brand & Marketing – Gaurav has worked on brands in the  Fashion, Real Estate, Start-ups, Modern Retail & Apparel industries. He sets up and leads the Brand team to drive the future growth of your brand. He ensures that the brand makes a mark of its own and gives unmatched returns.





Maya, Sr. Consultant – Content Writing

Maya has been writing various types of content for 15 years.  She has worked with clients from US,  New Zealand, UAE which included blogging,  web article writing,  website content and brochures.



Sheetal KhuranaSheetal Khurana, Sr. Consultant – HR

Sheetal specialises in hiring and delivering Training programs on Stress Management.  Her book on the teachings of The Bhagavad Gita is underway and she delivers discourses on The Bhagavad Gita to inspire the audience leading them to live a much happier and peaceful life. She trains freshers and experienced job seekers on job search ideas and techniques to help them get jobs easily.



Seema Agarwal

Seema Agarwal, Consultant – Digital

Seema is passionate about technology and children. Her business acumen is unmatched and she drives Digital marketing activities with that. Her professional experience combined with education (Master in Commerce and  MBA from Institute of Management Education), have built perspective of what is required by the industry to reach the pinnacle of success.




Aditi, Consultant, Recruitments

Aditi is a specialist in Recruitments. Whatever maybe your need, she has a person to work on it.




Divya Mootha

Divya Mootha, Consultant, Design

Divya is a talented, flexible and driven graphic designer skilled in developing brand identities, with experience in delivering creative and innovative design solutions which inspires and motivates people leaving a lasting impression.




DGM, Consultant, Web Design

DGM is the backbone of website building and has a strong technology knowledge to deliver websites that function and draw attention. 




A3T Legal

A3T Legal

We have a great legal team fully capable of assisting on various legal requirements of our clients. They frequently handle contract drafting and other transactional requirements as well as litigation in various forums across India.
Depending upon the requirements of our clients and the jurisdictional requirements, we liaise with different legal personnel across India and abroad. We frequently work with A3T Legal LLP for their inputs on compliance, transactions and litigation.


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